Pricing Plan

We offer two subscription tiers: Free and Premium. No contracts, no worries.

Prices are per user, and you can switch or cancel at any time.


Discover the value of music analytics and the power of fan engagement in your everyday business decisions.

  • Free
  • Limited historical data (previous 28 days)
  • Limited follow capability (up to five artists, playlists, curators, tracks, and albums)
  • Limited special features (e.g., no Playlist Journeys, Neighboring Artists, A&R Tools, Report Tool, Advanced Filters)
  • Limited data sources (e.g., no Audience Analysis tables, Apple Music playlists, historical playlists, TV/film synchronization, radio airplay)


Master data-driven market analysis with our latest features and datasets across the music industry’s entire digital landscape.

  • $140/month or $1400/year
  • Full historical database access (as far back as 2016)
  • Audience Analysis tables, including Instagram Audience stats
  • Advanced Data-science features: Neighboring Artists, Playlist Journeys, A&R Prediction
  • Cities Page data for Spotify, YouTube, Shazam, and Instagram
  • 20+ Charts from Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Shazam and more
  • Report Tool generation & export capability
  • Spotify Playlist Evolution and Advanced Spotify Filters
  • Exportable and customizable visuals and data tables in multiple formats
  • A&R Dashboard with our popularity, reach, and predictive toolkits
  • All Data Sources: Radio Airplay, TV/film synchronization, playlist histories
  • Up to 50 followable artists, playlists, curators, tracks, and albums
  • Priority customer support

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