What We Do Different

Arm your team with the most wide-ranging, customizable, and visually-engaging streaming platform and social media data in the business with the constant innovation & personal customer support only a dedicated startup team can provide.
For every segment of the music business.

We're the scalpel and the broadsword for: artists, managers, labels, distributors, talent agents, playlist curators, brands, publishers, music marketers, radio promoters, festival producers, music supervisors.

Focused on music analytics innovation.

Raw data alone isn't enough to make smart business decisions faster. It needs to have industry-leading visualization geared for actionable insights. We're constantly building to optimize data integrity, speed and ease of use.

The industry’s most diverse data set.

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Last.fm, SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, Shazam, QQ Music, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Songkick, Wikipedia, MusicBrainz, Beatport...if it's music, we'll get you the big picture.

What You Can Do

Record Labels

can pitch playlists more intelligently and design savvier digital strategy.


can understand their listener and follower demographics across multiple dimensions.


can get a 360-degree artist picture to plan their next steps, informed and at ease.

Promoters and A&R Scouts

can discover breaking artists and emerging talent.


can easily analyze global market trends.


can discover the ideal brand and advertising partnerships between artists and corporate clients.

Our Vision

We envision an entertainment industry that spends most of its time doing what humans do best: being creative. So we free you up to do so via:
  • Reliable Data Integrity
  • Easy-to-Understand Visualizations
  • Balancing Speed of Use with Depth of Intelligence
  • Non-Stop Feature Innovation
  • Rockstar Customer Support

Here's What It's Like

Log into Chartmetric and connect to global digital music environment through multiple lenses.
Artist Profile
Social Media Metrics
Audience Engagement
Playlist Journeys
A&R Dashboard
Instagram Audience Analysis

How We Think

We're music data geeks, full stop. Come think out loud with us.

We discuss the latest music business & data issues on our podcast.

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