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About us

Chartmetric is a business intelligence tool geared towards the music industry. We live and breathe data collection, data cleaning, and data visualization, tracking 8M artists around the world from more than 25 streaming and social platforms. We build on it with data engineering and science that put our users (music labels, artists & their management, digital distributors, branding & creative agencies, live sector executives) in the best place to make efficient, creative decisions. They pay us a subscription fee, and we give them a ticket to the best digital vantage point in the entertainment industry.

Our mission is to help entertainment professionals make smarter and faster music business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals, fast and in-depth insights, innovative features, and rockstar customer support.

Our vision is to fly creatives into the Information Age smoothly and safely, so they are free to color the world. We believe it’s a tragedy when art doesn’t reach its right audience. So, we wrangle the wild world of 21st century information to see to it that all beauty is brought to the surface. We’re custodians of art and data is our keyring.

Sung Cho
Andreas Katsambas
Umang Sharaf
Sarah Kloboves
Chaz Jenkins
William Leung
Shirlyne Kavai
Melina Raglin
Jay Hung
Pei-Yi Cheng
Akash Mukherjee
Domenico Randazzo

Chartmetric perks

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Spacious & comfortable co-working space

Enjoy free snacks, coffee, tea and drinks while relaxing at our couches.

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Custom desk setup

Select equipment and software of your choice. No questions.

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Medical, dental and vision insurance

Enjoy full medical, dental and vision insurance coverage.

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Flexible work & generous vacation policy

Work from our offices or remotely and take a break when you need it.

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Expense account for business related activities

We cover all your trainings and courses to become a stronger professional.

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Healthy team lunches 5x weeek

Enjoy free snacks, coffee, tea and drinks while relaxing at our couches.

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Frequent team-building events

Just to name a few: escape room, steakhouse dinner, frisbee golf.

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