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Why Chartmetric is the gold standard in music analytics

and how we compare against alternatives

Akash Mukherjee
July 12, 2023

At Chartmetric, we leverage the power of data to transform the music industry. As the leading music market intelligence platform, we're trusted by top-tier record labels, publishers, and artists including Universal Music Group, Netflix, and Live Nation. Our strong customer base is a testament to our dedication to providing innovative and effective solutions, powered by a catalog of millions of artists and playlists. Our success stems from a combination of our expertise, technology, and an unwavering passion for music. Our team, made up of music industry professionals with years of investment in the art, and experts in analytics and technology, are working tirelessly to change how data is used in the music industry. As music lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of making informed decisions based on accurate data, and we are passionate about making this a reality for artists, producers, and music executives alike.

According to a recent Music Tomorrow survey, Chartmetric stands out as the most used product in the music market intelligence category, with 80% of respondents affirming their use of our platform.

This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to the trust and confidence our clients place in us, as we continue to help them navigate the intricacies of the music industry with data-driven insights.

The Bedrock of Trust: Our Data

At Chartmetric, we’ve moved beyond the realm of mere numbers. Our data is a trusted companion for creative decision-makers in the music industry.

This trust in our data is not merely a feature, but a promise we fulfill every day.

It guides decisions, uncovers opportunities, and most importantly, fuels the growth of countless music careers. We have a rigorous process of data verification using automation and human insights, eliminating the plague of duplicate entries and providing you with a single, authoritative source of truth for every artist.

The 360-Degree Digital Footprint: Informed Decision Making

Our platform captures a panoramic view of an artist’s digital presence on a global scale. Instead of visualizing an artist’s performance on one platform, you have the power to connect the dots across multiple platforms and unlock a holistic understanding of an artist’s reach and influence.

We tap into a wide array of sources, that encompass both popular and niche platforms. We delve into the content from renowned streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, as well as dominant social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In addition, we also factor in data from less mainstream but equally significant platforms such as Line Music and Melon.

Our reach extends beyond these platforms, taking into account radio airplay and the buzz generated across online media. We analyze an assortment of metrics to create a holistic representation of performance and reach, gauging factors like user engagement, the number of streams, and views to ensure comprehensive insight into the popularity of various content.

Use Cases

Identify Emerging Artists

Chartmetric’s platform can help music industry professionals identify up-and-coming artists and trends before they hit the mainstream. Record labels, talent scouts, and others looking to stay ahead of the curve can take advantage of the many filters in our Artists List to find artists with a specific Career Stage, Momentum and Social Media Impact. In seconds, you can find Undiscovered Pop artists experiencing Explosive Growth with an Excellent Social Media Impact–or any other combination of characteristics.

Monitor social media and streaming data

Forget about accessing Spotify, Instagram and every other platform independently to see your stats. Chartmetric simplifies tracking social media engagement, streaming data, and other metrics for individual artists and songs by gathering them all in one platform. The data available in our Fanbase and Engagement pages will help you inform marketing and promotional strategies, as well as to gain insights into audience preferences and behavior.

Analyze new markets

Wondering what artists are trending in Japan? Or what genres are the most popular in Sydney? Answer these and all your questions about country and city-level music consumption through the detailed information available in our Countries and Cities Lists. Easily identify opportunities for growth and expansion globally, as well as for benchmarking performance against competitors in a specific country or city.

Comparing similar artists

If you’re an artist, understanding the careers of artists with a similar career stage, genre and fanbase is key to foster your own growth. Our Neighboring Artists section allows you to see artists in the same genre with similar Chartmetric ranks to a specific artist, providing you with a quick view of who are the immediate competitors–or possible collaborators. The Artist Comparison Pro tool lets you choose up to 10 artists at the time and compare them based on a specific metric while our Artist Comparison Report tool gives you a summary of all the most important metrics for up to three artists.

Grow an artist's visibility

Playlists are one of the main ways that listeners find new music these days. There are many small playlists by independent curators that serve as discovery hubs for larger playlists so knowing what playlists to pitch is crucial for any artist’s growth. With our Playlist Journeys section you can see exactly what smaller playlists are feeding the larger playlists you want to be in. Beyond playlists, brand partnerships are a great way to increase an artist’s visibility and grow their fanbase. With our Brands page, you can see the Instagram audience overlap between an artist and major global brands in all sectors to identify partnerships that can benefit both the artist and the brand.

Value for Money: Flexible Pricing for All

At Chartmetric, we understand that different users have unique needs, and we firmly believe in making top-notch music analytics accessible to all. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully designed our pricing plans to offer flexibility and unparalleled value.

For emerging artists or those new to the industry, our Artist Plan is an excellent stepping stone. Try it out with 1 month FREE! After that, it’s only $5 per month when you sign up for a year, or $10 if you pay monthly. Explore our tools and see all of your artist’s data in one place with our better-than-ever pricing. Interested? Sign up here.This plan grants you basic data access on millions of artists, as well as access to millions of playlists and curators from major streaming platforms.

For our advanced users and business customers who are ready to delve deep into the world of music analytics, our Premium Plan is a game changer. Priced at $140 a month, it’s a value-packed choice that unlocks advanced features such as full historical database access, audience demographic insights, customizable reports, our proprietary Chartmetric Artist Rank Charts, and much more. With our Premium Plan, you’re investing in insights that can elevate your popularity, reach, and sales. And, you’ll have our rockstar customer support team backing you up every step of the way. You can get started on our Premium Plan with a 7-day free trial.

In addition to our Premium Plan, we also offer an API plan for those a trying to build their own reporting using our data, as well customized enterprise reporting solutions combining Chartmetric data with your company’s proprietary data.

If you’re not ready to sign up for either of those plans yet, we offer the Basic Plan, absolutely free of charge. It provides you access to limited data access on millions of artists.

If you have any questions about our pricing or are looking for API and/or custom analytics solutions, please reach out to us at at [email protected] for more info.